Saturday, October 06, 2007

Journey in the Train

The train moved from town to town, from station to station, from one abandoned barrack to another, from a nowhere land to another. The train moved along the German/Polish railway from Berlin to Wroclaw, crossing the border at Frankfurt Oder, where the border control officers came in, and asked to see your ID or passport. Then the train was on the move again.

It wasn't great doing such train journey in Poland. No great mountains, no stunning lakes, no awesome coastlines. But when the train goes past a tiny village and reaching another, the Polish country life is unrolled, the kind of off-the-beaten-track feel for a traveller. It reminds me very much of the train-journeying experience in Italy.

To train in Italy is a great experience. I remember once, I had to catch the first train from Alberobello to Lecce, that was in Puglia region in southern Italy. The first train departed around five minutes past seven, and the ticket officer promised me the day before that he would be there at seven so that I could get the ticket and board the train. It was a real tiny train, with 2-3 carriages, I remember, and there were only 2 to 3 passengers in the train including myself. The train went slowly, so slow that you don't feel it was actually moving at all.

Then all the unforgetable train journeys passing through the region of Tuscany and Umbria. You would stopover at towns like Empoli, Pasignano sul Trasimeno, Chiusi, Siena, Perugia, Orvieto, and the list goes on. The rolling hills, spiking cypresses, gentle vineyards and olive farms spreading miles and miles, walled medieval towns, humble brick farm houses. Central Italy is a place of eternal beauty, a place not to rush for anything, a place where one always have some time to enjoy the sun and the wine.

Budapest 13/10/2007


Mok said...

Oh, Tuscany... Biking and walking the Chianti rolling hills of vineyards, olive trees, sunflowers and pine trees; speeding between the reds, yellows, golden browns, silver browns, greens, deep purples of Tuscany natural colors; breathing the freshest air on earh and letting the smoothing winds blow away all your burdens... Oh, Tuscany, a place where you would suddenly uncover the very truth: Life is so much more than what we could ever imagine and being alive is so rewarding.

kahyeim said...

h dear mok neıghbour, i think i deserve to be well rewarded for providing you this precious insider info eh! haa! but i am glad that you enjoy Tuscany. one of my dreams is .. to spend an autumn in a farm house in the middle of the vineyards ...