Tuesday, September 11, 2007

A young nation

There is so much to write as I go but I just can't spend so much time on the web. That will be deemed not 'cost-efficient'. But I think people will think that they see me too frequent on the web as a traveler, as instead I should have gone sightseeing rather that talking on msn messenger or skype so much.

I guess I will have to just let the photos tell the story since I could not put everything in words. Well let's talk about this - I was at the exhibition of one of the museums in the morning and has recalled pieces of conversation with a Belgium lady I met in Trondheim, Norway. She was pretty impressed of me quiting my job and traveling alone for such a long time. And I was telling her something like most Malaysians will always look for better opportunities abroad and go grab them. Then she commented that the government in Belgium is always giving a lot of social benefits to the nation but the youngsters always take things for granted and never seem to appreciate them. So perhaps a nation like Malaysian, having less historical burden and haunt, is more ready to progress with full momentum.

I was really thinking about that this morning. Perhaps what she was saying is right. Well perhaps we are like that.

Helsinki 11/9/2007


Mok said...

It is Malaysia Chinese that always look abroad for opportunities. We are like Jews, or to lesser extent the Hakka people in Mainland China, a race "almost" without a nation. We are close enough to be like them, projecting from what is happening to us on homeland.

Malaysia is young in term of years in existence. So young that she doesn't even know how to spend her money wisely. But she is old enough to match those ancient civilisation. So old that her racist governing policy could be archived as part of the ancient manuscripts in British Museum, a place where people keeps outmoded stuffs.

kahyeim said...

oh dear dear mok neıghbour ... my tiny blog is in danger of being blacklisted! :D perhaps one day you will find sthg like that in lonely planet ... 'to learn more about xxx in Malaysia, visit www.kahyeim.blogspot.com' muahahaha ...