Friday, September 21, 2007

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Wednesday, September 12, 2007


26 Aug Oslo
27 Aug Flam
28-31 Aug Bergen
1-3 Sept Trondheim
4 Sept Ä, Lofoten
5 Sept Ferry from Stamsund to Bodo
6 Sept Tromso
7-8 Sept Rovaniemi
9 Sept Tampere
10-11 Sept Helsinki

Helsinki 11/9/207

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

A young nation

There is so much to write as I go but I just can't spend so much time on the web. That will be deemed not 'cost-efficient'. But I think people will think that they see me too frequent on the web as a traveler, as instead I should have gone sightseeing rather that talking on msn messenger or skype so much.

I guess I will have to just let the photos tell the story since I could not put everything in words. Well let's talk about this - I was at the exhibition of one of the museums in the morning and has recalled pieces of conversation with a Belgium lady I met in Trondheim, Norway. She was pretty impressed of me quiting my job and traveling alone for such a long time. And I was telling her something like most Malaysians will always look for better opportunities abroad and go grab them. Then she commented that the government in Belgium is always giving a lot of social benefits to the nation but the youngsters always take things for granted and never seem to appreciate them. So perhaps a nation like Malaysian, having less historical burden and haunt, is more ready to progress with full momentum.

I was really thinking about that this morning. Perhaps what she was saying is right. Well perhaps we are like that.

Helsinki 11/9/2007

Time of the Storytellers

For those who are interested in contemporary art and Central Asia.

I went to the Museum of Contemporary Art Kiasma in Helsinki today. The museum is currently holding an excellent exhibition entitling "Time of the Storyteller", presenting contemporary art from post-Soviet regions reaching from the eastern borders of Europe right into Asia. I guess I shall just attached some excerpts and pictures from the related websites. And for those who happen to drop by in Helsinki, this is something that not to be missed.

Due to geography and their rich natural resources, many of these countries are a target of keen political and economic interest. The formation of a new national identity in the region is informed by a rich cultural tradition, steeped in the nomadic lifestyle, shamanism, as well as in Islam. The Soviet heritage and new Western influences are also present. All these influences emerge in the work of contemporary artists. Their works make a conscious break with exotic oriental stereotypes, on the one hand, or, on the other, deal with topical political or social themes.

In their works Gulnara Kasmalieva and Muratbek Djumaliev deal with the visible effects of the Soviet past and the current phase of global capitalism from the perspective of their home country, Kyrgyzstan. There is empathy and nostalgic undertones trickling to the surface of a matter-of-fact approach – wistful memories of past good times and the hope for a possibly better future looming somewhere far away.

The video work A New Silk Road: Algorithm for Survival and Hope (2006) tells about the current state of the legendary trade route. There are no longer solemnly progressing camel caravans on this road; instead it has been taken over by noisy truck convoys transporting scrap metal to China and returning loaded with bales of textiles. Also fragments from the life of Bishkek's Dordoi Market in Kyrgyzstan are displayed. This is the biggest trading hub in Central Asia where cheap goods are brought from China and thence transported to the other regions of Central Asia.

A New Silk Road: Algorithm for Survival and Hope, 2006, 5 channel video installation and a series of C-prints, 9:34 min

Link to the official website:

Helsinki 11/9/2007