Saturday, August 25, 2007

Throw away the checklist!

After all, what matters most is not what you see in a city, it is how you feel about the city.

I always prefer smaller towns than huge metropolitan. In a huge city you need more time to do the pre travel preparation, there is more to be read about, accomodation reservation is always a necessity during peak season, you need to learn how to get around with the local transportation like metros, trams and buses, and there are so many sites to be visited that you need to learn how to prioritise. You don´t have such problem in smaller towns.

While travelling in a city you need to always look at the map to figure out places that you are heading to. The map is like a checklist, you take note of which are the "must-do" places that you have been to. You find bus sightseeing tours and canal tours in every corner of the city. The pedestrian streets get crowded with lost tourists and noisy locals. You got scared by the prices displayed at the price list board of those eateries at the popular squares. You got tired of walking, a full whole day, from morning till night, hoping for a good sleep in the hostel dormitory that you have to share with another 4 or 5.

It doesn´t matter if you get to see all the sites in the city, this idea crossed my mind one day while I was walking around the archipelago city of Stockholm. After all when you got asked "hey what do you like about that place" you wouldn´t want to give an answer like "I like it because I like that building or that park". You want to answer in a more thoughtful way like "I like the melancholy feel of it". Don´t you?
Copenhagen 25/8/2007


ahpei said...

YES, I agree.
It's how do you feel about the place, more than what have you visited in that place.

That's how I like Copenhagen :D and Hong Kong, fallen in love at first sight.

kahyeim said...

yeah Copenhagen is a nice place. I was there for a good 4 days, took the canal tour and spent my last danish crown on a carlsberg beer!