Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Spending the Last Penny on a Beer

Some thoughts just cross my head while I was on the journey and I soon forget them given my helpless short memory. I told myself everytime that I should write them down but for no reason I just do not practice this habit.

I had a good time finishing Stephen King's Rita Hayworth and The Shawshank Redemption on the way from Gothenburg to Copenhagen, or from Stockholm to Gothenburg, I can't really remember that by now. TSR is my all time favorite movie and I got a second book from the South bank in London for 3 pound. I read some of the sections over and over again later in my journey. Hope is the best thing in life, and no good thing ever dies.

In Copenhagen I spent my very last Danish crowns on a Carlsberg, an apple and a packet of orange juice. I just want to make sure if Carlsberg tastes better in Denmark. The answer is, no. I should have got a Tuborg instead. I wanted to drink in a more fashionable style along the canal in Nyhavn but could only drink it on the train station's bench, otherwise I might be late for the bus to Oslo.

For the first time I did my own cooking in the Amager youth hostel in Copenhagen, for things were too expensive and I have to make sure all spendings were within my budget. I made the pasta, of course, and not the rice. Pasta al pomodoro, a simple dish which you could get it done quick and you don't need much ingredients for that.

Bergen 30/8/2007


ahpei said...

Yeah, I agreed you should had spent it on Tuborg :D
Anyway I got Tuborg free when I visited the visitor center, ha!

kahyeim said...

wanted to go to the carlsberg's but decided not to, since i have been to Qingdao's in China. Hahaha