Thursday, August 23, 2007

The rainy cities

London, arrived on 9th August.

Let's turn the page to London now. It's nice catching up with old pals in this biggest capital of the Europe. which I used to not like it very much in the past. Sometimes you just don't like a city for no reason at all. I guess I don't London for the very bad first impression that the airport officers had given me, the pretty strong racism sentiment that you could feel once you enter any airport in London. Well, that's perhaps just my personal opinion. But I have learnt to like London better during this trip, again, for no reason at all. The city is well organised, easy to roam around, and the countryside is undoubtedly beautiful.

I stayed with my friend Cathy in rural London near Heathrow. Cathy and her husband, Will were trying to make sure i don't get hungry all the time. Both are funny and nice pals, making you feel cozy staying in their house. I did make a trip to Bath but the weather was pretty sad on that day.

Met several friends working in London. Again we love going to the China Town for the meet up. It was good to catch up with my ex colleague, Terence, who used to be my senior manager back then when I was in KL and it was great that he got promoted not too long ago. Terence told me you actually bring your clients for a luxury premier league match that costs a few hundred pounds per head, that you get to sit in the VIP boxes so close to the field. That sounds good, as in Malaysia you can probably bring your client to the F1.

Departed for Oslo on the 15th August. It was forecast that it was going to be a rainy day in Oslo. So I was moving from a rainy city to another.

Copenhagen 23/8/2007

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