Saturday, August 25, 2007

One night in Stansted

I was supposed to depart from London Stansted for Oslo Torp éarly in the morning around 6:30 on the 15th Aug. I therefore took the Nationalexpress coach from Heathrow to Stansted on the 14th night and planned to spend a night in the airport.

I did not expect Stansted to be so crowded on that night that you can´t even find a place, I mean, a proper bench or chair to sit on. Many just slept on the passage way, the waiting hall or in front of the check in counter. You put your sleeping bag on the floor and just sleep on it. The crowds must be those going for the summer vacation. The Europeans are just moving around everywhere in the whole summer.

I finally settled myself down in front of a Ryanair check in counter. Well I don´t have a sleeping bag with me so I just slept on the floor. You generally could not get a good sleep as people are walking here and there and talking loud. The worst thing was that the check in counter was opened for check in at about 4am and everyone started gathering around me. Well then half awake, I have to locate a new place to continue sleeping. I was lucky enough to secure a "series" of chair which were much more comfortable.
I actually set the mobile alarm so that I could wake up at 5:30 for the check in. During the check in I have to check in my backpack, though I was so unwilling to do to, since the airport regulation only allowed one hand carry item. I had a bad feeling when checking in that small backpack, feeling that something bad was going to happen. And that feeling came true - I was greeted by Oslo by a "almost lost" luggage. And the rain.
Copenhagen 25/8/2007


ahpei said...

Yeah, I had this experience too.
I slept in Copenhagen airport... but luckily it was autumn, not too crowded...
I miss Scandinavia so much T_T
The rainy Oslo, clean Stockholm, and my most favorite Copenhagen...

tcp said...

hello ahpei are you peijun?

tky, ur post teminded me of belle n sebastian's "when you're feeling sinister".... but i just think that everything's gonna be in its right place for u, cheerioh! and Mayday will be here soon.

ahpei said...

Hi tcp, i'm not peijun, i'm peijuan.
do we know each other?

i miss Scandinavia... T_T T_T

ahpei said...

tcp, i know which peijun you were asking. no, i'm not her. and we never met before.

ah bei said...

Ya,who are you, Ah Pei?
I am Peijun. Do you know my parents call me 'Ah Pei" too? You can't use this name,it's belong to mesince1971....,so,give it back to me,haha!

how are you?
You sister is so cute,I think it should be 近朱者赤,because she was 近 me.
Take care and see you.

ahpei said...

oh... hehe :p
but i'm ahpei too :s
okay la, since you're older, i'm "ahpei no2". ^^

i'm kah yeim's junior in university, not the same course but same hostel.

kahyeim said...

Haa sorry to get you gals confused! That's the problem with writting in English. The good thing about my name is that I have never met anyone having the same name as mine, haa.

Peijuan, I am now in Bergen, Norway. It is cold but the sun is really good. But it keeps raining every now and then. Hoping to meet you for a coffee in the corner cafe of the street ... you need to get that magic door of Doraemon :p

Tcp: You just got the Bei and Pei confused. I have never heard of that song of belle and sebastian. are you going to see Mayday?

Peijun, And you have also got better since you were near me, haa. Guess you have got a lot of zucchini in your farm. Ahaa.

ahpei said...

T_T Doraemon...

Did you take train to Bergen from Oslo?
I heard the view is fantastic.

Yeah, I have 2 "peijuans" in my work place now. Last time 2 "peijuans" in school and even 2 "peijuans" in university :s
In total I actually know more than 5 "peijuans" including myself.

tcp said...

ahpei, geuss u're the one from sinchew right? i know u but u might not know me.

ah bei, my sister gave two thumbs up for ur hospitality. you too take care. beast wishes for u and ur family and the piece of mother earth that u're looking after.

tky, nope i'm not a fan of Mayday. not sure whether kiwibird will go or not. anyway i like their 'zhi1zu2' very much. i just came back from Kahang (the outskirt of Kluang), we had a camp by the paddy fields. take care! nice reading ur posts!@#$%^&*

tcp said...

sorry bei, best wishes not beast wishes:p

ahpei said...

yes yes, i'm still stuck in sin chew.

i didnt know you're kah yiem's sister. (sorry, most of the time i'm blur)
i think we did meet once at bobby chen's mini concert when the days kah yiem and i were still in UM.

kiahau said...

i tot the title said "one night Stand"!!!


kahyeim said...

oh kiahau, revenge!!