Thursday, August 30, 2007

Tourist, yeah I don't Look Like One

I guess I just look like an immigrant local most of the time. I have met people who approached me and ask about road directions by speaking in the local language like Swedish or Norwegian. In Scandinavia you will find Southeast Asian immigrants on the streets and I guess most of them could be Thais or Vietnamese. By no mean they are Malaysians for sure. So perhaps I was thought to be one of them. Or it could be that people thought I was one of the immigrant Chinese. But once a Chinese tourist whom I met on the train commented that I do not look like Chinese. And it could also be the never-cares look on my face as if the tourist attractions have no earthly business to do with me, that, I don't look like a tourist!

Bergen 30/8/2007


kiahau said...

Of COURSE u don't look Chinese! U R Malaysian!



kahyeim said...

malaysian chinese lar ...