Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Back from Sicilia

I was thinking that the Sicilia pictures are one of my best scenery series but they do not turn out to be. Some of those that looked good on the little screen of my D70S do not look as impressive viewed from the computer. Instead there are a few which I have taken just for memory turn out to be pretty adorable. It is a regret of not being able to record the lively daily life of the Siciliano using camera as most are reluctant to the lens except for the kids. It happened once where I was asking permission from these 2 old Arabian looking man sitting outside a table of a bar in Messina and have received a very unpleasant respond. So my last stop in Sicilia was Trapani and I have almost taken no picture of this lovely little port town. Feeling myself a lousy photographer, after flipping through an old time album of Sicilia in a bookshop, I decided not to bring along the camera with me when wandering around the town. Perhaps the sunset looked more beautiful, without having to ponder over how it should be captured. It was only being captured by the memory.

Perugia, 6/7/2007

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